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An Eco Friendly Product Development Company for Safe Cleaning.
Environmentally-friendly, bleach-free and non-caustic.
Safe and Clean
We take product cleaning ideas and turn them into reality - our experts cover every step of the development, manufacturing and distribution journey.
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Product Development
We work with your product ideas to develop a scalable solution.
Identifying and collaborating with only the best factories in the world.
Ensuring your product reaches the shelf on time, every time.
Helping you drive your sales to new levels, and support your growth.
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Our Clients Say
We're proud to work with a fantastic range of people, and we're looking forward to working on your project.
“This was recommended to me by a friend who said it got rid of a stain on her carpet which other products had failed to do,I am so happy I used it on a really bad red wine stain on a very light carpet and had tried everything, this got the stain out although there is still a shadow of the stain showing if you look closely, this has definately removed the dark colour and splash marks left by the wine stain.
I will be getting another bottle to keep in my cupboard.”
Robert Tenninger
“never understand why this doesn't get better reviews as it gets stuff out of carpets that supermarket brands can only dream of. Follow the instructions and I have found it never fails. Good seller too who keeps you up to date with shipping progress. Will buy again.”
Jess Roberts
“I bought two bottles of carpet and upholstery cleaner and absolutely love it. My youngest sparyed my oldest daughters fake tan all over my cream carpet and it totally removed it. love love love this product.”
“Had bought this and the laundry spot remover from a well known retailer who no longer supplies it. So was real pleased to get it from Amazon. This is a repeat buy for me as I find it the best thing in the market. Removed coffee, tea, curry and wine spills straight away on the carpet. Used the laundry one to remove blood and curry stains - perfect.”
Amazon Customer
About Us
About Mrs Gleam's products
Frustrated by ineffective sprays and harsh, chemical-filled products on the market, Mrs Gleam dreamed of finding new alternative products to keep her home clean.  Armed with a wish list:
  • They needed to be non caustic, safe around the family, safe on skin, safe on all surfaces, easy to use.
  •  Most importantly they had to be eco-friendly and make her home sparkle!
Mrs Gleam developed and produce the range of cleaning products we have today, all of the house cleaning products in the range, which are packaged with a 1950s retro-style label, are environmentally-friendly, bleach-free and non-caustic.
Frank N. Stein
Frank N. Stein is founder & CEO of BCB Sourcing, Inc. His background as a founder of several successful businesses provides a unique perspective in product development. He lives in New York with his wife and 4 children. When not conceptualizing new consumer brands, he can usually be found on the golf course.
Pepe Roni
V.P., Product Development
Pepe Roni is Vice President of Product Development. He has worked with Fortune 1000 companies such as Xerox, Kodak, Proctor & Gamble, and more. He brings more than 18 years of product development experience to our clients' projects.
Hugh Jass
V.P., Sourcing & Logistics
Hugh Jass is Vice President of Product Sourcing & Logistics. Hugh has extensive experience in international product sourcing including China, India, and Vietnam. His depth of logistics knowledge will benefit any company looking to streamline costs and lower risk.

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